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Fire safety

Ember Guard Technologies transform complex fire
safety requirements into a streamlined, user-friendly
process, empowering you with swift document
retrieval and management at the speed of need.

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Gateway Enabled

Our digital solution is your Gateway stage ally, expertly developed for the new regulations mandated by the building safety regulator.

Design Change Log

Track design changes during construction in order to demonstrate alignment with the approved design.

Document Verification

Verification of building documentation through digital time stamps and version history.

Site Controls

Demonstration of compliance with approved building design during construction.

Secure Storage

Secure storage of buildings lifetime fire safety documentation.

Smooth Accessibilty

Speed of need access to buildings stored fire safety documentation.

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Safe storage and easy access to fire safety documentation from the design phase of a building project.


Method of demonstration that the built project aligns with the design of where changes have been introduced these have been captured in a design change log.


Manage the ongoing fire safety of a building life time with time reminders on a personalised dashboard.